by Jeanne Branch
Very authentic flavors and textures of the Caribbean. I really enjoyed the pikliz and fried plantains!

by Parissa Joukar
Really stoked to see a food truck serving caribbean food at Tom Tom. Perfect except really salty. Maybe it was just a one-time mistake. Still, loved it

by Denise Holman
I work for the Center for Open Science. We offer our staff twice weekly catered lunches. Pearl Island was a hit with all of our staff! We have some employees with severe food allergies and everyone, including those with allergies, was able to enjoy the lunch. This rarely happens. The food was very flavorful, fresh, and unique - there's nothing like it in Cville. It left me wanting more!

by Kelly Ridenhour
I moved away from cville recently :( and I still think about their creole beans/rice & plantains. Now... just come & open up some in Atlanta!

by Luis Oyola
As a PRican in Virginia, it's hard to find the kind of cooking I grew up with. I don't just appreciate them for reminding me of home, but the cooking in itself is out of this world.

by Cristina Ramírez
They make the most incredible food, it's like I'm back home in Puerto Rico. The lechon (pork) is amazing!!

by Ronda Baer
The food is so good! My husband and I loved every bite each one better than the one before!

by Laurel Thompson
Excellent, fresh food! I had the pork, and it was perfect. The mango salsa is to die for!!

by Stephanie Lynn Anderegg-Maloy
Love these guys! They might be the nicest people I have ever met. And man is their food delicious!